From JFK to the East Village

Here is an overview of ground transportation at JFK Airport:

With the subway it’s fairly easy to get to my place. The entire trip should cost you about $7.25.

You’ll have to take the Air Train out of JFK Airport. There are signs by ground transportation so it’s pretty easy to find. If not, you can always just ask someone with a uniform and they will direct you to the right place. The Air Tran fare is $5. See details below:

Once you get on the Air Tran, you will travel to the Howard Beach stop and transfer to the “A” train. You will have to pay a subway fare of $2.25 before you can get on the train. Once at the track, you will take the Manhattan-bound train toward Inwood (Do NOT take a Brooklyn-bound train). It will be about an hour ride and you will get off on 14th Street in Manhattan. Do not exit the subway here. You will transfer to another train.

At 14th Street and 8th Avenue, you will transfer to the “L” train. The “L” train only goes one way from this stop so that will be easy to figure out. You’ll be heading in the direction of Brooklyn but not going there. Once on the “L” train, you will get off at either the Union Square, 3rd Avenue or 1st Avenue stops. These stops come quickly. See below details:

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