What makes Bareburger so horror-able?

I always enjoy going to Bareburger,http://www.bareburger.com/restaurant/85-2nd-avenue/. They have great burgers and good beer. I had the pleasure of going back again the other night for some fun with a group of film enthusiasts, http://www.meetup.com/NYCGrindhouse/.

We took over the private room upstairs to view some really horror-ible films and have a few laughs. I mean these films were so bad that it’s unlikely you’d ever catch them even on “Mystery Science Theater.” And speaking of “Mystery Science Theater,” group members wit is at least the equivalent of the television show’s unique hosts. No costumes of course, although all bets are off now that it’s October and Halloween is on the horizon. But being a Raiders’ fan, I would probably feel even more at home with such such a display of individuality (ain’t nothing like the Black Hole, baby!).

So, check out out Bareburger. Don’t come bare, but do grab a beer. Maybe even join NYCGrindhouse, http://www.meetup.com/NYCGrindhouse/. Good times!

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