Hosting guide book available for Kindle on Amazon

Airbnb Hosting Guide – Advanced Strategies To Attract More Guests, Earn More Money: An insiders guide to listing your property on Airbnb written by an experienced Airbnb host and traveller

This book by Ross McDowall is now available on Amazon. It contains best tips, strategies and insights to optimize a listing and make thousands of extra dollars per year renting out your space.

The guide goes item by item in your profile, description, photos, calendar and pricing. The book also contains an exclusive code to get a bonus $50 on your first accommodation listing as a host, or $25 off your first travel booking on Airbnb.

Other Airbnb books available include:

Inn Your Home: How To Turn Your Extra Space Into A Money Making B&B Using Airbnb” by Charlie Yzaguirre and Tim McCormick

Make 1600 dollars per month with the AIRBNB ultimate guide (How to make money with no money)” by Frederic Bibard

Airbnb A Travellers Guide – How To Search, Travel and Save a Fortune Using Airbnb” by Ross McDowall

Airbnb a Zerolution” by Rémy Giemza

Be My Guest… and pay me” by Pamela Demorest

Airbed Stories: Experiences of an Airbnb Host” by Nadja van der Heide

Hosting Airbnb Rooms: Tips and Tools” by Mark Huck

How To Get Rich Using Airbnb” by Stephen Liddell

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