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Hello. My name is Chris. I am an East Village resident and Professional Certified Coach. I have resided in the East Village for more than 15 years.

While living in NYC’s best neighborhood comes with its share of challenges, the East Village is the place I proudly call home. I have lived here longer than anywhere else. I’ve always enjoyed the neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal, healthy food options, walking its streets, its locals’ creativity, historic pubs and the lingering old-world charm. During that time, I have lived through such life-changing events as 9/11, the blackout of 2003 and most recently, Hurricane Sandy. These events were more than an inconvenience. For me, they forced me to stop and reflect on my life (just as I imagine may have been the case for some of you). A great deal of that reflection was done right here in the East Village. These events – particularly the time around 9/11 – were instrumental in creating a shift in mindset that lead me to change careers and ultimately become certified as a professional coach. At the same time, these memorable times led me to better appreciate my neighborhood. Had these events not taken place, I surely would not have looked at my life and my surroundings as I now do.

Though I’ve lived here many years, the neighborhood never gets stale. I often feel like there is never enough time to fully enjoy all that the East Village has to offer. I love to travel, but no matter where I go there always comes a time when I can’t wait to get home. I then realize how spoiled I am to live in a neighborhood like this. So many food options. So much to do. Such a variety of people and cultures. Everything that I want is right here!

Just to think about what happens on a single city block in this neighborhood is mind-boggling. All of the events, the many things to do, places to eat and opportunities for new experiences, etc. And with the great majority of things, we’ll never even know they took place.

As the saying goes, life is short. So, let’s live a little. Some people have likened life to a game and if life were to be lived as a game, then shouldn’t it be enjoyed? I’m not suggesting here that life should ever be taken lightly. I’m proposing that life be viewed anew. You know, that same spirit that lives within a happy child. Why not bring that spirit of play into what you do? The East Village can provide you with the perfect opportunity to jump right into the life you want. It’s atmosphere can help to bring out your creative juices. And, what better backdrop could you possibly have when challenged by a personal situation than the East Village?



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