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Why not cut back on your GMO corn intake and instead visit Tallgrass Burger

I never have to bring my lawnmower, but I do enjoy visiting Tallgrass Burger (214 1st Avenue btwn East 12th and 13th streets) every so often.

hey have good grass-fed beef burgers that I enjoy eating. They taste really good.

I’ve tried about 4 or 5 different kinds, including the Mushroom Swiss Burger for dinner last night. I added a side of salad with the ginger-sesame dressing for some veggie action. I didn’t order them last night, but the sweet potato fries are quite good (heck, sweet potato fries are always good!).

And they sell good stuff to drink too. Any place that sells kombucha tea can’t be half bad, right!?! I did but any though, because I actually make my own. But, I may have otherwise!

It takes a little longer to get your food at Tallgrass Burger than your typically fast-food place, but it’s all cooked fresh and is much better quality than McDonald’s (Is McDonald’s food even edible!?!). So, a Tallgrass burger is worth the wait! They have veggie burger options too if you’re into such a thing (not me – heck, I ordered a salad!).

So check out Tallgrass, but leave your mower at home (it’s tough carrying it down six flights of stairs anyway!).

For details go here: http://www.tallgrassburgerny.com/